A Challenging Statement

Choosing the top 10 quotes that have influenced my philosophy of education has been a challenging task. There are so many quotes that I have read over the years that have had a powerful impact on how I view this very important endeavor. However, I couldn’t leave out a statement made my by my pastor, Michael Catt. I first heard this statement almost 11 years ago when I was visiting Sherwood trying to discern whether or not God was calling me to serve at the church and school.

When I asked him why he believed I should be the one to be part of the Sherwood team, he did not hesitate but said the following.

Whoever wants the next generation the most will get them!

He went on to say that Sherwood wanted the next generation more than the world and I could be used to bring the home, church and school together in this effort.  At the time I didn’t realize how much of a driving force that statement is in all that Sherwood Baptist Church does through its various ministries.  But I soon understood the significance of this truth.

In one of Chuck Colson’s Breakpoint commentaries he commented on what Fidel Castro was doing at the time of his 75th birthday.  Colson pointed out that Castro was spending every spare dime on one thing.  He was determined to make sure a communist worldview was instilled in every Cuban child.  Castro knew that if he failed to teach Cuba’s children the communist worldview, his revolution would die out soon after his own death.  He was convinced that whoever wanted the next generation the most would get them.

Does today’s church want the next generation more than the world?  Are we willing to invest whatever it takes to instill a biblical worldview in our children’s hearts and minds before we die?  If not, will Christianity, as we have been privileged to experience, die out soon after our death?  What are your thoughts on how today’s Christians are answering these important questions?

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