What Is Behind All This Craziness?

Supreme CourtOur society today is spinning out of control.  What is taking place before our very eyes seems unbelievable.  Who would have thought that the headlines in the news would be things like “I’m Caitlyn” or the Supreme Court soon to rule on same sex marriage.  There are two words that come to my mind that appear to be major themes of life today.  They are the terms redefining and transitioning.

Society wants to redefine things that were well defined just a few years ago.  Now people feel we need to redefine the institution of marriage, what makes up a family and what determines a person’s gender.  The dictionary states that the term definition means the condition of being definite, distinct, or clearly outlined.  

It is amazing to read and hear about people who are now in the process of transitioning.  This transition is not about changing vocations or the place one lives.  Today it is all about trying to change one’s gender.  Men are transitioning into being women and vice versa.  A friend of mine was filling out an application and had to answer the question what race do you identify with?  Think about that.  It is basically alluding to the possibility that we can transition from one ethnic background to another simply by identifying with it.

I find myself asking questions such as:

  1. What gives someone the right to redefine things whose meanings have been clearly understood for centuries?
  2. How can someone wake up one morning and decide that he/she is going to be a different gender or change his/her ethnic makeup today?

However, the big question I find myself confronted with is this.  What is really behind all that is going on in our world today?  It is critical that we take time to think about what is actually happening in the world today.  The past two weeks we have been looking at some realities of life that include:

  • God making man and woman in His image.
  • God commanding Adam and Eve to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth.
  • Since man is made in God’s image, God wants us to have children and replicate His image throughout the world.
  • The replication of God’s image and filling the earth with it should be the major purpose behind our educational efforts of our children.
  • Education must build godly character in our children’s lives and equip them to go out into every profession and vocation so that God’s image will advance His kingdom in all of life.

When you look at what God did in creation, you discover some exciting realities.  Think about the following truths.

  1. God created this universe and everything in it as an expression of His very nature (Psalm 19; Romans 1:20).
  2. After expressing Himself by creating this world, He made man in His image which makes man the only being that can see God in creation and, therefore, give Him glory for what He did.
  3. Even our social institutions have God’s triune nature stamped on them.  The first institution that God established was the family.  The family is another way for God’s image to be replicated throughout the world.

As I look at God establishing the family, I see several basic facts that God set in place so that the family would exist.  First, He created man as male and female.  Gender cannot be determined by man or by society.  It was a created act of God.  Why?  Because God ordained the marriage relationship to be between a man and woman so that they could reproduce by having children.  Second, marriage is between a man and a woman because that is how God established it, as a reflection of His own triune nature.  Finally, this automatically defines what a family is.  It is a man and woman who through the marriage relationship establish a home and hopefully have children.

When society tries to redefine a person’s gender and celebrates with people who are trying to transition from one gender to another, it is the first step toward redefining the marriage relationship and ultimately what makes up a family.  Since gender, marriage and the family are all image bearers of God and reflections of God’s triune nature, society is really trying to redefine something much bigger than gender, marriage and family.  It is redefining the very nature of God.

This is what I believe is the real motive behind all the craziness we are witnessing in society today.  Man is attempting to destroy God’s image and, therefore, redefine God to fit man’s desires.  This will be what ultimately destroys any society and we are on the verge of such destruction.

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  • Tom Rider says:

    Thanks for clearly communicating truth. I am grateful for your sacrifice and leadership and pray God’s best for you.

  • Well said, Glen. What we are seeing now would have been unthinkable, just a short time ago. However, it is the logical outcome of several generations of students being indoctrinated into the faith of secularism. John Dewey called it “A Common Faith.” A faith that has no place for God, and His Word. We are seeing the outworking of this faith in spades, and the worst may be yet to come.

    • Glen Schultz says:

      It is sad that so many Christians have been deceived into thinking that schooling is neutral and that it is just the teaching of facts without values. We must get back to realizing that Christianity is a total worldview that addresses all of life.

  • Mark Kennedy says:

    Great thoughts as usual. Our culture isn’t just trying to make a god in our own image. When a society produces its own ‘designer god’ there is only one entity greater than that god – the society that has created it. So ultimately this kind of idolatry becomes self worship.

    • Glen Schultz says:

      Great insight. Another evidence that we need God to send a revival to our hearts, churches and land.

  • Tim Euler says:

    Had not fully thought this through but it is very true that society is not alone trying to redefine marriage, they are attempting to redefine God. This has been the story of mankind. Trying to make God into something “we” desire Him to be to us, rather than for us. Thank you Glen for putting this in perspective!

    • Glen Schultz says:

      I’m afraid that many are not thinking this through to its logical conclusion. Pray that we wake up before it is too late.

  • Dan Panetti says:

    It’s Huxley’s Brave New World right before our eyes. Man no longer understands that he came from dirt – we’ve lost our humility before God. Can’t remember who said it recently – man is simply returning the favor to God – God kicked man out of the Garden, now man has kicked God out of our culture. How long before churches and Christian schools will be silenced and removed from this society as well?

  • Melanie Mittel says:

    Thank you, Glen. This is a topic that is no longer surprising to many of us. It floods the world of students as they are bombarded with it in their daily media and unaware of the truths in God’s word that need to be spoken against it. I appreciate your continued point that we are image bearers of Christ. Students need to know what that means – we are made to be purposeful, like Him, creative, like Him, and free to choose, like Him. (as well as so many other attributes He abundantly blesses us with) In their freedom to choose, the enemy is distorting every good thing that comes from the creative hand of our God. We know God will not be mocked. We must start on our knees and remain on our knees so that our own pride does not get in the way of the battles He calls us to face.

    Thankful for your thoughts, passion and purpose!

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