I was listening to Dr. Tony Evans recently and he made a statement that caught my attention.  He was commenting on God’s instructions to Adam on day six of the creation account.  God told Adam to “be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth”.  Evans asked the question, “But Why?”  Here was his answer to his own question.

…because man was created in the image of God. So the goal of having children is the replication of God’s image, not just the replication of your image. The role of children was for God to reproduce Himself through the process of childbearing through the imprint of parenting so that God would become replicated all over the world. So the purpose of children was the replication of God and the advancement of God’s kingdom in history…Man was created in the image of God – be fruitful and multiply – and fill the earth with My image.  It would be the domination of the image of God through the expansion of the family, through the birth of children, through the relationship of marriage. That’s how God set it up.

th-2Instead of sharing with you some of my thoughts related to these statements, I want you to think about what Dr. Evans said and then share your thoughts on this bold declaration. Here are some questions that come to my mind that I would love to hear how you would answer them.

1. What should be the primary focus of your parenting?
2. What role should the church have in helping you fulfill your parenting responsibilities?
3. What role should the school have in helping you fulfill your parenting responsibilities?
4. God’s command came before the Fall.  What has changed since sin came into the world as it relates to the purpose of having children and in trying to fulfill this purpose?
5. What pressures do you face from today’s culture that keeps you from fulfilling this purpose for having children?
6. What implications do these words have for church leaders and Christian educators?

Please share your comments below or you can email me your thoughts on this all important matter.  I would love to keep this discussion going for the next few weeks as we enter the summer months.

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