Are You Considered To Be Spectacularly Stupid?

evolution religion chooseThe title of this blog is quite insulting.  None of us want to be considered to be stupid, much less spectacularly stupid.  But that is exactly what one writer has said about Dr. Ben Carson.  You might think that the person writing the article is calling Carson stupid because he is running for President or, maybe, because he is a member of a certain political party.

However, I was shocked when I read the article a couple of days ago.  (click on the title to read the entire article.)  How is Ben Carson both so incredibly smart and so spectacularly stupid?  It turns out that the reason he is considered to be so stupid is because he doesn’t embrace the empty theory of evolution.  Carson, like many brilliant scientists and doctors today, sees the intricacy of the universe and believes that there must be an intelligent designer behind it.  Not only does he understand that the intricate workings of the human brain and other systems had to have a designer, but he also believes that the designer is the God of the Bible.

Carson accurately observed that the origin of the universe could not have been from a big bang that evolved into the orderly universe we see today because of the second law of thermodynamics.  This law states, in simple terms, that when matter is left to itself, it becomes more and more random rather than becoming more orderly and structured.  So one of the most revered neurosurgeons of the day is “stupid” because he understands that order doesn’t come from disorder?

evolution - religion conflict

After reading this article, my wife showed me another disturbing article later in the day.  This one reported on a science assignment that was recently given to middle school students in Volusia County, FL.  The assignment inferred that anyone who told students that evolution was just a theory was lying to them.  It went so far as to say that persons who may try to tell you these things may be a “teacher, minister, or some other figure of authority.”  This could be construed to be referring to the students’ parents.

Once again, I encourage you to go to this article and read it for yourself.  Parents rebel, school apologizes for teaching kids that evolution-doubters are trying to trick them

Again the article is aimed at trying to make anyone who believes the Bible to be God’s Word and, therefore, believes the creation account in Genesis (and many other parts of Scripture) to be mere dunces.  Even though the county retracted these statements from the assignment, they did not retract the assignment itself.  So, the students are still left with the impression that evolution is based on scientific fact and creation is simply a religious myth.Evolution of man

These two articles are just a small sampling of what is taking place in our culture today.  It is imperative that every Christian parent, educator and church leader get serious about thinking biblically about all of life.  We must know what the Bible says, what it means and how it applies to all aspects of life (even so-called science) if we are going to be able to keep our children from being taken captive by false ideas (Colossians 2:8).  Next week’s blog will continue our discussion on how we can develop this type of biblical worldview.  Stay tuned!

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  • Mark Kennedy says:

    It is quite consistent with the totalitarian tendencies of the new left to use name calling and slogan chanting as propyilactics against reasoned arguments. It worked well for the Nazis, why not for the politically correct?

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