Kingdom Education for Dummies – Part 2

In my last post we looked at what is the “Kingdom of God”.  There were two points made in that article.  First, God’s highest priority for every Christian is for him/her to know, understand and experience God’s kingdom each day.  Second, the kingdom of God is the reign of God through Jesus Christ in the life of a believer.  These two truths are essential to understanding what Kingdom Education is.

Call me LordI also noted that God wants to reign in every area of one’s life because He is the King of Kings and Lord of all.  This means that God wants to reign in how we educate our children.  This is the basis for the term Kingdom Education.  A very simple definition of Kingdom Education is an educational process in which God reigns throughout the entire process.  This means that God must reign in the education a child is given in the home, the church and the school.  However, what does it mean for God to reign?  We can get an understanding of this when we consider Jesus’ words in Luke 6:46.

Jesus told His disciples that He is not Lord if one does not do what He says.  The reign of God is all about OBEDIENCE!  God reigns in us whenever His people obey everything He says.  In order to understand this simple truth completely, we must look at another verse found in Psalm 119:105.Psalm 119

In this verse, God’s Word is likened to a “light to the path” and a “lamp to the feet”.  When we think about these two images, it can help us understand how God’s Word gives us direction for all of life.  It is not just about obeying the “Ten Commandments”.  Let me explain how I have come to understand these two concepts.

When I think about a light to the path, I think of a large spot light that completely lights a path.  It is very bright and it is very easy to navigate your way around.  God gives us very clear commands throughout His Word.  These commands are “lights to our paths”.  light to pathCommands are very specific and clear.  There is no need to debate them as they are always to the point.  “Lights to our paths” are such things as don’t kill, don’t steal and love God with our entire beings.  God’s commands are “lights to our paths”.  We must obey His commands if He is going to reign in our lives.  Even though His commands are very clear,there are still too many Christians today who do not obey them like they should.

However, God also gives us “lamps to our feet”.  In order to understand this image, consider the night lights we often use in our homes.  We place these little lights at certain places where there are obstacles that could cause one to stub a toe or stumble if he/she is trying to walk around in the dark.  These lights still allow us to sleep at night because they are not as bright as the normal house lights.  However, they do give us enough light to help us get around at night if we have to get up while it is dark in the house.

God’s Word provides us with something similar in the image of “lamps to our feet”.  He does this by giving us principles to guide us.  His principles may not seem as clear and bright as His commands are.  However, they keep us from stubbing our spiritual toes as we try to maneuver in this dark, postmodern, anti-Christian world.  This is because biblical principles are still 100% light and, therefore, are truths that need to be obeyed.  Principles also make God’s Word applicable regardless of the time in history or the circumstances one finds himself in.  There are things that are common to today’s culture that were not around when the Bible was being written.  In order to make sure His Word addressed every thing a Christian would face no matter what period of history he/she was living in, God set forth principles or “lamps to our feet” to give us clear direction.lamp to feet 2

An example of a biblical principle is the principle of “excess”.  In Hebrews 12:1 we are told to lay aside every “sin and weight”.  It is interesting that there is a differentiation between “sin” and “weight” in this passage.  This indicates that there can be some things in our lives that may not be sinful but they are spiritual weights.  They can slow us down spiritually.  Therefore, we should set them aside.

Another biblical principle is the principle of “example”.  This principle tells us that we should not do those things that would be a “stumbling block” to others.  This principle gives us direction on what to do or not do when living our lives in front of others.

When it comes to educating our children, we must be willing to obey not only God’s commands but also His principles related to education.  If not, we really don’t believe in Kingdom Education.  This is because Kingdom Education is a call for God to reign in the education of our children.  This requires Christians to obey biblical principles that gives them guidance as to how to educate their children.  These principles are as much truth as His commands are.  We must know them and obey them if we really believe in Kingdom Education.  Next week I will delve deeper into these timeless principles from God’s Word that give us clear insight into the essence of Kingdom Education.

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  • Wendy says:

    There are no guarantees that providing a kingdom education will ensure a decision on the part of a student to embrace Jesus as Lord and Savior. If discipleship is relational, It’s important to surround one’s child with Godly people, and Christian schools don’t have a monopoly on Godly influences.

    • Glen Schultz says:

      It is true that spiritual transformation involves relationships. Therefore, our children’s teachers should be godly individuals who teach truth. The emphasis in this post is on understanding how God gives us biblical principles to help us make godly decisions in all we do. In part 3 I present the biblical principles that I have found in Scripture to guide us on “how” to educate our children.

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