Kingdom Education for Dummies – Part 3

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God's kingdom crossIn past posts, I explained how the simple meaning behind the title, Kingdom Education, is that God is to reign as king throughout the entire educational process – at home, church and school.  We then looked at the fact that God reigns as king when His commandments and principles are obeyed.  We also saw that the principles found in God’s Word were as important as God’s commandments in giving Christians directions in how to make godly decisions in every area of life.

From this simple definition and further study of God’s Word, I developed a more formal definition of the term Kingdom Education.   Kingdom Education is the:

Life-long, Bible-based, Christ-centered process of leading a child to Christ, building a child up in Christ, equipping the child to serve Christ, causing the child to know God and give Him glory.

Therefore, Kingdom Education is the entire educational process – at home, at church, at school – under the absolute and complete Lordship of Christ. He must reign in the entire process. The question for Christian parents, church leaders, and Christian educators is, Does God reign in the entire process of educating future generations or simply stated, our children?

Seeking first God’s kingdom means that we desire for Him to reign as king in all of life, including the education of the next generation. If God is going to reign in the education of our children, we must obey God’s instructions that He gives us on how to educate them. Some will say that God doesn’t give any specific directions about education. However, I have found that the Bible is full of principles that are related directly to this very important part of life. In my book, Kingdom Education, I identify 10 such principles from Scripture that are to serve as a guide to parents, church leaders and educators on how to educate our children. Here they are.

The education of children and youth:

  1. Is the primary responsibility of parents
  2. Is a 24 hour, 7 day-a-week process that begins at birth and goes to maturity
  3. Has as its primary goals the salvation and discipleship of the next generation
  4. Is based on God’s Word as being absolute truth
  5. Holds Christ as preeminent in the entire educational process
  6. Must not hinder the spiritual and moral development of the next generation
  7. If and when it is delegated to others by parents, it must be done so that all teachers follow these same principles
  8. Results in the formation of a worldview or belief system that will be patterned after the worldview of his teachers
  9. Must lead to true wisdom and understanding by connecting all knowledge to a biblical worldview framework
  10. Must have a view of the future that includes the eternal perspective

 If we say that we believe in Kingdom Education, then we must know, understand and be committed to these ten biblical principles about education. This is true for the education we provide our children at home, at church and at school. God wants to reign in the entire process. When we begin to study and understand these principles, we will find that our choices concerning “where” we educate them are limited to places where these principles reign supreme.

In closing, I want to share one example of how a commitment to Kingdom Education will give parents, teachers and leaders clear direction in how to educate our children. I was conducting a marriage and parenting seminar at a church once. During one of the parenting sessions, I presented these 10 biblical principles. One delegate raised his hands and asked a provocative question. Can we follow these principles and still keep our children in public schools? A tension came over that room right away since several of the attendees worked in secular education programs.  Here was my answer.

 I can’t give you a yes or no answer to this question because I have never been in any schools in this area. I don’t know if the public schools or any other type of school here sees parents as the ones primarily responsible for the education of the children, of if their primary goals are the salvation and discipleship of the students. I have no idea if the schools here keep God’s Word as foundational to all that is taught and see it as absolute truth. Since I haven’t been in any of your schools, I don’t know if they hold Christ preeminent. I continued on through the 10 principles.

 Then I shared with them that there was one thing I did know. That is that these are God’s directions to you on how He expects you to educate your children. He will therefore hold each of you accountable for following them. When you obey them completely, they will guide you as to what happens in your home, what church you choose to assist you in this effort and what school you choose to assist you in preparing your children for life and eternity.

In my first post in this series I began by sharing how many times I have heard people say that they believed in Kingdom Education but they did not put their children in biblically based educational programs for a wide variety of reasons.  I have come to understand a very important reality in life.  A person only believes what he/she actually lives!  If we don’t live what we say we believe, we are merely giving mental assent to issue.  If we say as parents, church leaders, and Christian educators that we believe in Kingdom Education, then we will Bible in Man's Handlive by God’s principles on how to educate our children.

I want to share with you a little tool that I have used for more than 35 years in trying to make right decisions in everyday life.  This little
tool is a checklist of several biblical principles that one can apply to any area of life.  If you would like to receive a free copy of this checklist, simply email me at and ask for the decision making list of principles and I will send you a copy.  If you would like more information en these 10 biblical principles of education, you will find Scripture references and explanations in the the book, Kingdom Education.  Let’s get the word out to others and really start living what Kingdom Education is all about.

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