Sunday’s Past – Now What?

images-1It is Friday, March 25, 2016.  It is not just any Friday, it is Good Friday.  I am writing this week’s blog while sitting in my office at home in beautiful Summerville, SC.  I am looking out my window at gorgeous azaleas in full bloom and reflecting on what today and this weekend is all about.  One of the joys I have in life is when my children send out a family text and share what is happening in their lives at that time.  Most times one of them is sharing what God is doing in his/her life.  This morning was one of those rewarding times.

My daughter sent all of us a text with a simple message.  “Praise God! Sunday’s coming! I just love this video”.  In the text was a link to the oft-watched video, It’s Friday but Sunday’s Coming.  It reminds all of us of the terrible death Christ endured on the cross to pay for our salvation.  Even though it seemed like Satan had won when Jesus gave up His spirit on that dreadful day, the truth was and still is Sunday’s Coming.

I am looking forward to this Sunday – Easter Sunday.  I know that we will worship with songs about the powerful resurrection of Christ such as He Lives, Up From The Grave He Rose, Christ Alone, etc.  As I sit here anticipating Sunday, I am saddened by how Easter has lost its meaning for most Americans and, unfortunately, for too many Christians.

As I tried to chose some graphics for this week’s post, I typed in “Easter” on the site I purchase most of my pieces from.  It showed over 4,000 pages Easter - 2of images related to “Easter”.  However, the majority of the images were of colored eggs, Easter  baskets, bunnies, Easter sales and Easter egg hunts.  I had to go through several pages of images before I found any that reflected on the true meaning of this coming Sunday.

I happened to catch “Watters’ World” on the O’Reilly Factor last night.  Watters was out on the street asking people what holiday is observed this Sunday.  He got everything from Mother’s Day to Earth Day.  When he told them it was Easter and asked people what Easter is about, very few of them even knew it had anything to do with Jesus.  One man callously knew what it was about but added, at least that’s how the “story” goes.  When Watters asked him if he believed it, his response was a cold, I’m not into that scene.

The birth of Christ, His life and His sacrificial death are all very important to every person who has ever lived.  However, if the resurrection never took place, all the other events of Jesus’ life have no meaning nor power.  It is the resurrection from the grave that is our source of hope.  On that Sunday, He defeated sin, death and the grave.  Because of what happened when Sunday Came, hope reigns supreme, even in the darkest of days.

By the time that you read this article, Sunday would have come and gone.  We are now living on a Monday, Tuesday or some other day of the week.  What difference did Sunday have in our lives?  Are you and I simply back to living out our everyday lives the same as we always did?  Was Sunday our day for celebration but today is just another “secular” day when we go about doing what we need to do in order to keep our jobs, make money and pay our bills?  What difference did Sunday make in you and me today and everyday from here on out?

Easter - 1I am so grateful to God that Sunday Came.  But I am equally grateful that because it came, my life has been changed forever.  Because Sunday Came, I have purpose for living life today.  I can experience His resurrected life everyday, not just on Sunday.  This means that what happened when Sunday Came should affect every aspect of my life everyday I am privileged to walk on the face of this earth.  It must affect my family life, my work life, how I steward my finances and possessions and even how I educate my children.

At the beginning of the year, I was listening to some of my family members share their excitement over their attendance at this year’s Passion in Atlanta.  They talked about the great worship music everyone experienced, the large crowd of people who were there, the great speakers and how they experienced simultaneous worship with thousands of people in different cities via satellite.  As I listened to everything, a piercing question kept running through my mind.  The question was quite simple.  What is different in your life today because you were at Passion?

This is what I fear happens to many of us with Easter.  We get excited over the new clothes, the exhilarating music, maybe some drama presentations, the powerful messages on the reality that Christ is alive.  However, when Sunday is Over, nothing changes.  Christ resurrection from the grave is something we want to celebrate on Easter but it doesn’t change what I do or don’t do everyday God gives me breath.

I rejoice in the fact that Sunday Came but I want to live in the power of Christ TODAY!  My daughter followed up her text with another one.  This one read, “and a favorite song” followed by a link to Travis Cottrell’s live rendition of In Christ Alone.  I encourage you to click on the link and listen to the words carefully.  From life’s first cry to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny..till He returns or calls me home, here in the power of Christ I’ll stand!  May these words be true for all of us as we move on from Sunday.  It’s Friday but Sunday’s Coming and  because Sunday Came, I Can Live The Christian Life Today!  May the power of the resurrection be real in you life everyday.

Here In The Power Of Christ I Stand!

Here In The Power Of Christ I Stand!

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