What IfI usually don’t play the “what if” game as hypothetical situations are never easy to answer.  However, I am going to make an exception and ask each of you a “what if question.”  So here it is.

What if education were defined as the process of extending God’s rule in the lives of our children and youth resulting in them obeying all that He commands?

You might be asking me where did you get that idea as a definition of education?  This “what if” comes from my ever-deeping conviction that God’s highest priority for every Christian is that he/she knows, understands and experiences His kingdom every day that one has breath.  I believe this to be true based on Jesus’ own words in Matthew 6:33.  He said seek first the kingdom of God.  If we are to seek God’s kingdom as our first priority in life, we must know what the kingdom of God is.

I am grateful for my time at LifeWay Christian Resources.  One of the reasons is because of the emphasis LifeWay had at the time on the Kingdom of God.  There were two books that helped me understand the importance of God’s kingdom for all Christians.  God's kingdom small

Dr. Gene Mims wrote Thine Is The Kingdom.  In his book, Mims defined the kingdom of God as the reign of God through Jesus Christ in the life of a believer.

Then, I read Dr. Ken Hemphill’s book, EKG: Empowering Kingdom Growth.  Hemphill explained that God’s kingdom is quite simple and explained it this way.  There must be a king for there to be a kingdom.  To be a king, one must have subjects.  A king gives commands and his subjects are to obey them.

It was after reading these books I realized that God’s kingdom is wherever Christ is reigning as king.  Since I am to seek the kingdom of God more than anything else, it means that I am to allow Christ to reign in my life completely.  If this is true, then a kingdom family is one where Christ reigns in the home; kingdom leadership occurs when Christ reigns in the leader’s life. Finally, kingdom education is an educational process where Christ reigns throughout the entire effort.  This is what God wants in His church.  He wants His Son to reign as Lord of all things.

Great CommissionThe concept of Christ reigning as king in all of life also aligns itself with the Great Commission. Jesus’ last instruction to His disciples directed them to make disciples…teaching them to observe (obey) all that I have commanded.  It could be said that a disciple is one who seeks God’s kingdom reign in His life more than anything else because when God reigns in one’s life, he will obey all that he is commanded to do.

By combining Jesus’ words in Matthew 6 and Matthew 28, I want to ask you the question again.

What if education were defined as the process of extending God’s rule in the lives of our children and youth resulting in them obeying all that He commands?

If this is what education really should be about, what would it look like in the home, the church and the school?  I want to encourage each reader to sit down with other Christians and discuss this “what if.”  It could be an agenda item for a staff meeting at your church or school.  As you contemplate this, send your ideas to me by leaving a comment below or you can email me at glen@kingdomeducation.org.  I hope to share your ideas about this “what if” in a future post.  I look forward to hearing from many of you as you play the “what if” game.what do you think

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