electionThis past week the news was full of more accusations about the character and actions of the two main presidential candidates.  When one thought that it couldn’t get uglier, it not only did so but it also put many Christians in a position where they don’t know who they should vote for.  I am not going to try and give my opinion on who Christians should or should not vote for.  Instead I am wanting to address a far more important question.  This question is,

Who is to blame for the terrible condition that we find ourselves and our country in at this time in history?

There is no doubt that one of the main reasons why we have sunk so low morally and ethically is because of the secular education that has shaped the hearts and minds of several generations of young people over the past 50-75 years.  Three weeks ago in a blog entitled Did We Survive? I quoted a man who addressed a large gathering of public school educators in 1947.  At that event, the speaker told his audience that public education had become completely secular in its philosophy and it was the main reason for the secularization of American society.

So, is secular education at fault for the deplorable condition of the country?  I don’t think so!  I cannot blame secular education, either public or private, for bringing us as low as we find ourselves today.  After all, secular education is simply doing what it believes to be right.  Secular education is committed to a philosophy of education and a worldview that claims:

  1. God does not exist.
  2. The material world is all that is real.
  3. Man is the result of time and chance.
  4. Morality is determined by humans based on need and interest.
  5. There is no ultimate meaning or purpose in life so each individual must develop his/her own meaning and values by which to live.

Those behind secular educational programs are committed to this secular humanistic worldview and are determined to make sure that every student under their influence will develop a similar worldview.  There is not enough time and space available in this post for me to list all the quotes by the secular humanists who understood the power of education in shaping the thinking and actions of its students.

So if secular education is not at fault for society’s moral downward spiral spin, who is?  The fault lies with us.  Christians must take full responsibility for where we are as a country.  I am reminded this truth when I think what took place involving the education of our children back in the mid-1800s.  In my book, Kingdom Education, I quoted one historian of American education.  Curran’s research showed that North American protestants were the first in the history of the New Testament Church to willingly turnover the responsibility for the formal education of their children to the state.

I also have noted in past posts how Robert Dabney warned about what would happen if the state was given control of the education of our children.  In the late 1800s he wrote,

If the State assumes responsibility for education, there is therefore a great risk that the education of youth will be perverted to secular-dirty-mindserve an ideological faction.  This will occur by the hateful means of filling their minds with error and passion in place of truth and right.

In spite of warnings like this, Christian parents willingly chose to have the government have the deciding vote in how and what our children learned in school.  Not only did Christian parents take this dreadful course of action but pastors and church leaders led the call for support of the new common school idea. Over the past 45+ years that I have been involved in education, the line of demarkation between the beliefs and values secular education instills into the minds of students and what the Bible sets forth as truth has become more and more evident.  However, have Christians changed their actions when it comes to how our children are educated?  The answer is NO!

The vast majority of Christian parents continue to send their children into school systems that are dedicated to developing and determined to instill a secular, anti-Christian worldview in the minds of its students.  Potter’s declaration in the early 20th century has proven to be true (see Kingdom Education).  He was confident that the theistic Sunday school meeting one hour a week would not be able to stem the tide of secular humanism that would sweep over our children five days a week for 30 hours in our secular, public schools.

Where has the church been during this disastrous slide?  It is true that there have been some pastors and church leaders who recognized what was happening to our churches, families and communities as a result of the powerful influence of secular education.  I am grateful for their bold stances that they took to go against the grain and start biblically based schools.  They encouraged parents to enroll their children in these schools so that the home, church and school would teach truth with God’s Word as the foundation.

However, my heart has been broken and burdened by the silence of most pastors and church leaders on the dangers of secular education and the need for our children to receive a biblical worldview education.  Many have just tried to be neutral when it comes to education.  Others have actually condemned any attempts to keep children out of secular schools.

If I were to sum up the actions of the majority of church leaders in regard to education, I would have to say that I have found them unwilling to even address the issue of education biblically.  I cannot count the number of times when I have presented biblical principles that can guide Christians on how God wants us to educate our children, that church leaders have actually told me that they cannot obey these principles.  When I asked them if these statements were not biblical principles, they always said they were but then added that Christians can’t obey them.  Their reason for taking a stance against Scripture was that if we obeyed them, we would have to abandon public schools.

Christian parents and church leaders, who would never stand for certain false ideas and philosophies to be taught in the church, willingly send their children into schools where these ideas are thrust on moldable minds and hearts of their children.  This dualistic, secular/sacred divide mentality has brought us to our current condition.

dangerous-conditions-aheadI, along with most Christians, find myself in a conundrum when it comes to this year’s presidential election.  I will prayerfully try to decide what, if any, candidate I will vote for.  Some of the determining factors in my decision will be trying to decipher who will protect the unborn the best and who will appoint judges who will hopefully defend our religious freedom.  However, decrying our current condition will only cause us to remain in it or, God forbid, sink deeper into moral depravity.

I believe it is time for all Christians to address the issue of education biblically.  Christian parents must understand that the reason they have children is to replicate God’s image and train up those image bearers into biblical worldview thinkers.  Church leaders must be committed to a biblical philosophy of education and equip and support Christian parents in this all-important task of training their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Parents, church leaders and Christian educators must understand that educating our children God’s way is not about getting a “good education” in order to get into a “good college” so that they will get “good jobs” and have a “comfortable life.”  It is time to take action!  It it going to take a concentrated effort on the part o the home, church and school if we are ever going to prepare our children for the future.  For the sake of our children and grandchildren we cannot afford to continue on the current path toward destruction!

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  • Keith Thompson says:

    Thank you Dr. Schulz. You continue to be a voice of reason in the evangelical world in a space that continues to be painfully silent. You and your work continue to be in my prayers.

  • Well said, Glen. Very well said. To add one more quote, in the late 1800s, Princeton theologian A.A. Hodge wrote: “It is self-evident that on this scheme, if it is consistently and persistently carried out in all parts of the country, the United States system of national popular education will be the most efficient and wide instrument for the propagation of Atheism which the world has ever seen.” Little could Hodge have imagined where we would be today. The challenge now is how to change course. I, too, believe pastors are key. We have to work on this together.

    • Rachel Robbins says:

      My husband is a children’s pastor. We have both been heavily involved in Christian education. We are in a church that recently took the 10
      Commandment out of a curriculum because parents were upset about “thou shalt not commit adultery” and “thou shalt not murder”. In that same town they have LGBT week and not one has stood up or taken their children out of the public schools.

      Judgment begins in the house of God… 1 Peter 4:17

      We are clearly living 2 Timothy 4:3. Pray for Pastors, Christian school teachers who love God and His word. We are not ashamed but very persecuted, and rejected for standing firm.

      • Glen Schultz says:

        Stay strong. Our responsibility is to remain faithful to God and His Word. The results are in His hands. Thanks for commenting.

    • Glen Schultz says:

      I have used Hodge’s quote on several occasions. Unfortunately, we don’t heed the voices of wisdom from the past and seemed to be bent on having to learn from experience.

  • Tom Hudson says:

    It is easy for me to get this message to our Christian school staff and to our church but how do we reach the rest of the people out there. Do we see about scheduling a time to speak on this subject to other churches in our communities. I agree with everything said in the article and have been trying to spread the word about the need for Christian education. I’ve also been stressing the importance of watching the DVD called Indoctrination which is excellent.

    • Glen Schultz says:

      It is going to take a consistent, all-out effort to try and get Christians to address the issue of education biblically. If we do that, then the question of where to school our children can be better addressed. Thanks for commenting.

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