A Coming Quake of Seismic Proportion

th-7Over the past several years we have witnessed the devastation caused by massive earthquakes around the world.  We have watched news reports showing entire cities in ruin causing the loss of thousands of lives.  What is so heartbreaking about these types of disasters is that they are totally unpredictable.  Life is being lived when all of a sudden the earth trembles, foundations are broken and buildings, roads etc come crashing down on innocent people.

With that in mind I want to talk about a possible quake that is on the horizon that, if it takes place, will make these earthquakes look minor in comparison.  However, this quake won’t strike without warning.  Warning signs have been plastered all over the news on every media outlet.  These warnings have been front and center across the United States for the past 18-24 months.  Whether or not the quake will take place will be known when the polls close Tuesday night.

This year’s election, at all levels of government, will be a climax to a major battle in the cosmic war of worldviews that has been raging since the Fall that happened in Genesis 3. This cosmic war has intensified to a very dangerous level over the past couple of decades.

It has been my conviction that elections are not so much about parties and/or candidates as they are about values, beliefs and worldviews.  I recently watched a video in which Dr. John MacArthur emphatically stated that this [election] is a massive, massive, massive worldview issue.  He went on to say that he is voting for a worldview that is closest to Scripture.  Here are some extremely important values and beliefs that are on the ballot this year at the national, state and local levels.

The Sanctity of Human Lifeth-9

Fundamental to the stability of any civilization is the belief that human life is of great value and must be protected at all stages of development.  Every person has inherent worth and intrinsic value because he/she has been created in God’s image.  From the personal testimonies of men of God like David and Jeremiah, there is no doubt that human life begins at conception and, therefore, must be protected at all times, both inside and outside the womb.

The sanctity of human life is definitely on the ballot this year all across the country.  We have heard candidates boldly proclaim their support of a “woman’s right” to end a child’s life – even when it is partially out of the womb.  Candidates have also made it clear that they will continue to support and use our taxes to support organizations that have proven to not only promote and conduct abortions but also sell body parts from abortions for profit.

Family - AfroAmericanThe Family

This year, like never before, the family as it was ordained by God in the beginning is on the ballot in every community.  Over the past few years we have seen concerted efforts to undermine the fundamental unit of a civilized society, the family.  This has occurred through government edicts, laws and court decisions that tried to redefine marriage and promote gender confusion.  Schools were threatened with losing federal funds if they did not allow people to use restrooms and locker rooms based on their “felt” genders.  During this election cylcle candidates have vowed to continue supporting these positions that are in total opposition to the truth of God’s Word.

The Support of IsraelIsraeli Flag

Even though this hasn’t been talked about very much in the news, there has been a growing sense of hostility toward the nation of Israel over the past 7-8 years in our country.  In fact, there seems to be more sympathy and support for nations who are bent on Israel’s destruction than there is for Israel.  God has made it very clear in His Word that He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.   We must understand how important Israel is to God.  One day, Christ will return to setup His earthly kingdom and He will rule it from Jerusalem.  It is important that we know where candidates stand on this fundamental value.

th-10The United States Constitution

You may wonder why I would list this as an important value that will be voted on in this year’s election.  I do so because our Founding Fathers designed our Constitution based on specific principles that they took directly from God’s Word.  Most people are not aware of this and, unfortunately, time and space does not permit me to delve into this in depth.  However, the truth of the matter is that there are those who do not support our Constitution as it was originally written.  Rather their agenda is to rewrite or interpret it from a totally secular perspective.

I heard last night of a university where police threatened to arrest students on campus if they didn’t stop their actions.  What was the dangerous, unlawful action they were doing?  They were handing out copies of the Constitution.  They were told that if they wanted to do this, they had to get permission from the administration and then they would be given “a room” where they could distribute the document.

God not the State as Our Supply and Supportgods-presence-2

The State has been ordained by God to punish evil and protect good.  It was never designed to be the “supply” in order to meet the needs of citizens.  When the State is the one that provides our needs, wishes and wants rather than God, we end up worshipping the government and not God.  We look to the government to educate our children, feed our families, provide healthcare and on and on it goes.  Christians will be making the decision of Who or what will they look to to meet their needs when they pull the levers on Tuesday.

So, why do I believe that how Christians vote will determine whether or not a catastrophic quake will shake the very foundations of society here in the United States?  It is because no society in human history has ever survived when it did not support the sanctity of human life or the family as God ordained it to be.  Countries that tried to destroy Israel have been torn down themselves.  Empires that were built on the belief that the State must be the source of supply for all citizens have also crumbled over time.

We must understand the seriousness of the worldview battle that we face here in the United States today.  I listened to a message that Pastor James McMenis gave this week at Word of God Ministries.  He shared how the unsaved will always rage against God (Psalm 2).  He then explained how the enemy and the world does not want any Christian influence in society.  To illustrate this, McMenis pointed to Daniel 6 where the leaders of the country wanted to remove Daniel’s godly influence from society.  To accomplish this, they got the king to pass a law that was against Daniel’s religious beliefs and practices.  By making it illegal to pray, they believed that this would remove Daniel’s influence from the culture.

This is exactly what has taken place in the United States over the past 75 years.  In an effort to remove Christian influence from our culture, laws have been passed that make it illegal to practice Christianity in everyday life.  It is illegal to pray or read the Bible in schools and government offices.  It is illegal to post the 10 Commandments in public buildings.  It is illegal to not support the homosexual agenda when it comes to the rendering of services based on our Christian convictions.

What Needs to Be Done?

With this quake of seismic proportion looming on the horizon, what can Christians do?  There are several things that every Christian must do if we are going to avoid this catastrophic crumbling of our country’s foundation.

  1. We must repent of our sin!  Christians must humble themselves and cry out to God for mercy.  We have chased after the false gods of the American Dream for too long.  Our only hope is revival.  It is time for all Christians to seek God and ask Him to rend the heavens and pour out His Spirit on us.
  2. We must live out our beliefs!  I have witnessed Christians claiming to hold to the beliefs of the sanctity of human life, God’s ordained institution of marriage and the family, support of biblical morality, dependence on God as the source to meet our needs, etc. and then go out and vote the very opposite of their so-called beliefs.  In the 1990s Christians voted their pocketbooks over character.  In the 2000s many Christians have voted for or against candidates because of their gender, color of their skin, or political party affiliation rather than where they stood on biblical principles/values.  There have even been millions of Christians who refused to vote which meant that unbelievers determined the values that would influence the direction of our country.  Are we willing to take a stand like Dr. Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, recently did when he tweeted, I could never in a billion years vote for a candidate who supports killing the unborn?
  3. We must be committed to staying true to God and His Word even if the quake comes!  What happens if society crumbles as a result of Tuesday’s election?  What happens if our religious freedom is lost?  What happens if the American people elect individuals who will try to completely eliminate the influence of Christianity in American society?  In the long run this is the real test we may face in the future.

The Choice is Yours!

We are definitely at a crossroad at this time in our country’s history.  We will know where Christians stand on the real moral issues of the day by whether or not they will vote and whether or not they will vote based on biblical values or on party affiliation, the candidates’ gender or other personality traits.  Once the election is over, the proof in the pudding will be determined by how we respond to the results.

Will pastors still preach the truth of God’s Word if, by doing so, they may be accused and even arrested for preaching “hate speech?”  Will Christian educators stand on biblical truth if it means that they may lose their accreditation or their students will not be accepted at “prestigious” secular universities?  Will Christian schools stay true to their God-given mission even it results in them losing textbook and/or transportation government funding for not using state required secular textbooks or because they teach the truth about gender-related issues?  Will Christians still pray, teach truth, witness, and live a biblical lifestyle even if it means that they will face a fiery furnace or a lion’s den?

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!  What about you?


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  • Tim Barrett says:

    We are indeed at a crossroads Glenn. Your message is succinct, to the heart of the clear issues that confront Christians at the ballot box this Tuesday, November 8, and prophetic. May we take this message to heart. Wake up Church, pray, repent and be the salt and light our Lord Jesus Christ has called us to be. II Chronicles 7:14

  • This is so scriptural and accurate. It is incomprehensible to see a tiny baby in the mothers womb and realize what is being allowed. All of this, while much of the church is seeking entertainment, comfort and “bless me”. November 8th is a crucial turning point for America and we should NOW be on our knees before Him.

  • Glen, you are right on target. I have gone back and forth with respect to voting for Donald Trump. When the “Access Hollywood” thing came out, I decided I just could not to vote for the man. But I have come to the conclusion that I must look far beyond one man and his glaring faults. Far, far beyond. My vote is not an endorsement of this man’s behavior with respect to women, nor is it an endorsement of his insulting remarks toward people with disabilities, and his insults toward his political opponents. But I can fully endorse his choices for Supreme Court, and this issue alone has caused me to cast my vote for someone I never dreamed I would vote for. I have no choice. To abstain in this election would be a vote for Hillary and all she represents. When you compare the two platforms, there really is no choice. The choice is a binary one. To not vote for the one is to vote for the other, and since I cannot vote for the other, so I must vote for the other. I know many of my brothers and sisters in the Lord will not agree with this approach, and will find my thinking flawed. They are welcome to do so. But I must take the “long view.” The fact that we are in this position says a lot about where our nation is at. God help us. He is our only help. Even if Trump wins this election, there is no hope apart from a return to the Lord and His ways. This is the real “long view.” This is why authentic Christian education is so important. Another reason I must vote for the Republican platform is because it give a ray of hope that the monopoly of the State school system might finally be broken. This could be as big of a factor as the Supreme Court. Onward and upward.

  • Ed Oas says:

    Right on, Glen. I saw the same “summit” meeting where MacArthur spoke and had my convictions about this election affirmed as you did too in this blog. We may not be able to stem the tide of what is shaping up to be God’s judgment, but it can perhaps be slowed down so that we as believers might be able to continue a little longer the “peaceable” life God has given us in this country and thus the freedom to share the Gospel with those God still wants to save. Thanks for all you do.

  • Mark Kennedy says:

    Perhaps the best thing about the pending election in the U.S. and the recent one in Canada is that they make something very obvious – our society’s hope cannot be in our politicians or political systems. In a democracy especially, the responsibility for the actions of governments falls upon the electorate, the people who put them in power. And if the electoral majority has abandoned a Christian worldview, they have “sown the wind” and, no matter how wealthy or technologically advance they are, they will reap the tornado. That’s where we are today. We need a spirit led revival that transforms our hearts and our thinking. The political and social reforms will follow.

  • Jamie Covell says:

    Excellent points, Glen, and between your points and Christian Overman’s reflections over what brought him to his election position, I hope I can convince a friend to vote for president who is currently planning on skipping that box on the ballot.

  • Dr. Eric S. Smith says:

    Thanks for great, well-written article on this election from a macro, Biblical Worldview perspective. I’d like to contribute a link to a sermon from Pastor Tommy Nelson, Denton Bible Church, Denton, TX, below. Listen to the whole thing…especially get to minute 51…. If you want to be salt and light, act in obedience to the whole counsel of God in His word, then listen, study, pray and then vote, I beg you. This is my last “political” act before the election (I already voted). I will continue daily prayer.
    As a nation we will get what we deserve…or, hopefully, not– perhaps God in His mercy will give us grace. Either way, God reigns and will be glorified ultimately.
    Eric S. Smith, Ph.D., M.Div.


  • As I write this I think of the day I said the Pledge of Allegiance with the words “Under God ” for the first time. We always said the Pledge each morning before class started as we do in the Christian School today. The changes that have gradually filter into our government are now moving rapidly. Maybe I am more aware of changes but I too agree with Christian Overman’s reflection. I think of my children and grandchildren’s future in our United States of America. We must continue to pray for our country as well as for our teacher and schools whether it be Public or Christian Schools. We must vote.

  • David Holtzhouse says:

    Thank you for your spot on approach with this article. I’ve been telling family and friends for months to look beyond the candidate and understand the bigger picture of what is at stake with this election. Your points are well stated and true. If someone has further questions, they can download the party platforms and read through it (not easy reading, but worth it) and then make an informed decision by tomorrow. Thank you for speaking the truth once again.


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