A Heart of Gratitude

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praying-hands-an-bibleI always look forward to Thanksgiving.  It is time when our family gets together for fellowship and good food.  With that in mind, I want to take a break from my normal practice of discussing issues related to the education of children and youth from a biblical perspective.  This week I want to share with you some things that I am thankful for as I look forward to spending Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Of course, the first thing I am grateful for is my salvation.  It is unimaginable that the God who created everything loved me so much that He allowed His only Son to die for my sins.  I cannot think what my life would have been like if I hadn’t received God’s precious gift of salvation 60 years ago.  He has been a loving Father who has known and supplied my every need, comforted me in times of hardship and forgiven me whenever I have sinned and confessed my sins to Him.

Over the years God has been faithful even when I was not.  He has guided me and proven to me that His will is perfect and surpasses anything I would have strived for on my own.  It is my prayer that my life will continually bring Him glory and I look forward to the day when I enter eternity to be with Him forever.

The second thing that I thank the Lord for every day is the wonderful, loving and supportive family He has given me.  Almost 48 family-spelled-outyears ago God gave me my wonderful wife, Sharon.  She has been my helpmeet and my best friend through the good and the not so good times.  She has been the support that I have needed to do ministry and keep the necessary balance in our home.  I could not have accomplished all that I have been privileged to do if it were not for her being at my side and encouraging me each and every day.

God also blessed us with three wonderful children, their spouses and our six grandchildren.  It has been and continues to be such a blessing to watch our children accept Christ as Savior and walk in His truth as they are now leading their own families to follow the Lord.  Parenting is not easy but there truly is no greater joy than to see your children walk in truth (3 John 4).

Finally, I want to thank the Lord for allowing me the wonderful privilege to serve so many parents, church leaders and Christian educators over these past 48+ years that I have been involved in teaching.  I am in South Daytona, Florida this week speaking at an ACSI Professional Development Forum.  This trip will bring to a close a very busy but fruitful summer and fall time of travel and challenging Christians all across the country to address the issue of education biblically.  I am more convicted than ever before in my life the need to provide future generations with a biblical worldview education.

God has also blessed me through the writing of these weekly blogs.  It has been almost two years since I posted my first blog.  That initial post went out to around 40 Christian educators.  It has been amazing to see that number grow to over 900 subscribers.  Many of these individuals share the posts with their staffs, parents, pastors and friends.  I am grateful that God has given me this privilege to share what He puts on my heart each week with so many faithful followers.

These are just three of the many things that I am grateful to God for bringing into my life.  I could go on forever trying to list all the things that I give Him praise for doing in, through and around me.  I am sure that each of you reading this can do the same and I pray that you will take time to do so this week – especially with your family.  With the world spiraling out of control, it is absolutely necessary that we take time to acknowledge that God is in control and that He has a perfect will for our lives.  When we do this, we will always have a heart of gratitude!  I pray you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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  • Paul Turner says:

    Of the many things I am thankful for, you Glen are definitely one of them. Thank you for your investment in me personally and for your investment in so many around the world. You are a blessing my friend!

  • RIck Yost says:

    Excellent word, dear Brother!! And let me speak for an abundance of Kingdom educators in saying that we are all grateful for YOU!!! Your encouragement has kept many of us going over the years and your fatherly equipping nourishes our spirits. So, thank you, Lord for our Brother Glen!!

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