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th-12In my last post, I talked about the coming collision of jet streams.  Since that post, the reality of this collision is very evident.  As I studied various exit polls related to the 2016 national election, several things became very apparent.  The trends that I observed brought me both a glimpse of hope and grave concern for the future of our country.  Again, I must emphasize that when I talk about candidates, I am referring to the ideas/worldviews/values that the different candidates represented.  This means that who people voted for is an indication of where people stood on such issues as the sanctity of human life, the role of the government, and gender, marriage and family.

One of the first things I learned from this year’s election was that Christians can impact the outcome of elections at the national, state and local levels.  There was an encouraging trend that started taking place during the three to four weeks leading up to election day.  I was seeing on social media and other forms of communication Christian leaders encouraging Christians to pray for our country with greater intensity.  I also witnessed a call to all Christians to understand that the sanctity of human life, marriage and the family was in serious danger of being destroyed by the agendas of the left.

This is why we saw a larger number of evangelicals voting for a Republican platform that was unashamedly pro-life and for the appointment of federal and Supreme Court justices that would hold to a conservative interpretation of the US Constitution.  In fact the exit polls showed that 58% of Christians voted for these issues while only 39% voted against them.  Of course I am concerned that even this percentage of born again Christians, having heard one candidate boldly proclaim that an infant in the womb had “absolutely no constitutional rights”, still voted for the continued murder of the unborn.

When this was broken down along racial lines, I was encouraged to see 81% of caucasian evangelicals voted against the liberal policies of the Democratic platform that was bold in its position on abortion by demand, gay rights and a host of other anti-biblical stances.  So, I took hope in what these polls showed in reference to the Christian vote.

However, my hope quickly started fading when I saw some other voting patterns that emerged from this election cycle.  One of theTeens Thinking ? most disturbing things that came out of the exit polls was how various age groups voted.  Fifty three percent of voters over the age of 45 voted in support of biblically-based values.   On the other hand, only 42% of those age 30-44 voted in support of such values.  Even more disturbing was to see that this percentage dropped to 35% of voters between the ages of 18-29.  The younger the voter the less likely it appears that they hold to biblical standards of morality and ethics.

A third trend that I saw seemed to give some insight into the voting stances of the younger generation reported above.  It appears that the more education that a person attained the less supportive of biblical values the voter tends to be.  Over 50% of voters who had only a high school or some college education voted in favor of biblical values.  This percentage dropped to 45% of college graduates and a dismal 37% to those who had received a postgraduate education.

When I studied these exit polls, I realized the precarious position that we are in at this point of history.  Yes, Christians united together to stand up for biblical moral values.  However, it appears that the younger generation is not holding to the traditional moral values that have made our country great throughout its history.  Even though there was no breakdown showing how Christians voted by age, I believe one can make the case that if this were available, it would show that younger Christians have adopted more liberal views than older generations when it comes to sanctity of human life, gender issues and marriage and the family.

Even though this is of grave concern to me, it comes as no surprise.  Most Christians ages 18-40 have received a secular education from the preschool years through the college experience.  Over the past 50 years the secularization of all education has intensified greatly.  What was first limited to the halls of higher education has found its way all the way into the learning centers of preschools all across the country.  The effects are now being seen in all areas of public life.  The existence of God has been denied and Christianity and the church have been marginalized and eliminated from the public square.

There is no doubt that we as Christians need to be broken, confess our sin and cry out to God for revival.  Then we must become next-generation-bibleproactive – especially when it comes to how we educate our children.  If nothing happens, it will be just a matter of time when what we witnessed in this year’s election will fade away – never to take place again.  However, if Christians take advantage of what appears to be God’s willingness to withhold His judgement, we can change the current course we are on.  To see this happen, it is mandatory that the the home, church and school must address the issue of education biblically!  There must be strategies developed for parents, church leaders and Christian educators.  These strategies must be developed with a state of urgency and then put into practice with all diligence.  With this in mind, I want to share what I believe needs to happen in the home, the church and the school in the next couple of weeks.  I trust you will be involved in this discussion.  So, be sure to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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  • RIck Yost says:

    Sobering reminders, Brother. I’m afraid that many Christians are breathing a sigh of relief because our worst fears were not realized in the election outcome. We may have dodged a bullet when in comes to the immediate loss of religious freedom and the sanctity of life issues, but there is another bullet behind that one…………….the disturbing trends you mention will continue unabated unless the church awakens………….and most ESPECIALLY with regard to how we are educating our children. God, wake us up…………and thank You, Lord, for voices like Glen’s that are crying out to do so.

  • Glen, one of the most hopeful turns of this past month has been a ray of hope for major reform in the US educational system. True reform that could break the current financial monopoly held by state-run schools. Using property taxes to support local secularized schools, and giving the tax-payer no choice as to which schools they support, is one of the greatest injustices of our times. For some 40+ years now, my wife and I have been financially supporting the very educational system you rightly point out has brought us to the disturbing place we are today. Many parents who send their children to Christian schools end up paying twice, and many find paying for Christian education a daunting task. I don’t mind paying property taxes for local schools. Very good. But when all my education tax dollars go toward supporting secularized schools [and padding the pot of a teachers’ union that uses its dues to support political causes], without me being able to direct those dollars to the school of my choice, I am not a happy camper. It would be a delight to determine which schools in my area I could direct my property taxes toward supporting. That may be best, depending on how it was done. Second best might be if my taxes could be spread between all the local schools on a per-student basis, if we have to be “equil” about it.

  • tom hudson says:

    Dr. Shultz, My wife and I heard you speak at an SBACS Convention a few years ago and we loved it. We purchased your notebook for our school. How do we get this message out to churches with not Christian schools. I hope you will address that some time in the future.

    Thank you

    • Glen Schultz says:

      Tom, I will be sharing my thoughts about how to engage parents, pastors and educators in the weeks to come. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Ed Oas says:

    Glen, we are further in trouble with each succeeding generation it would appear and seemingly due to the secularization of our culture where education plays a leading role. I find most disturbing that many Christian parents and sometimes even Christian schools are so naive in letting the camel into the tent. Parents think that secular education is OK and even preferred the older their child gets. Some believe all that is needed is Christian school in the elementary years and I would dare say the majority think secular post high school education (college) is certainly no big deal. Thanks for reporting those statistics as they clear say differently. In the Christian school arena, concurrent credit has let secular education come into the Christian school in many cases with open arms and no reservations. Money and careers have become the leaky faucet everyone is paying attention to and missing the undercurrent of secular education that is flooding into the room.

  • Glen Schultz says:

    Good thoughts. I, too, am concerned by some of the dual credit programs embraced by Christian schools.

  • Ruby Brown says:

    Given the history in business and personal life as well as the words and conduct of the president elect, it is a stretch to assume he believes in the party platform. Thankfully we have some Senators and Representatives and state politicians with character. We need repentance and. mercy from God.

  • John Elliott says:

    Glen, thank you so much for your years of making the case for kingdom education. I think of you as John the Baptist; the lone voice in the wilderness warning all who would listen of things to come. Thank you for taking time to help us at Northland Christian. God bless you, brother!

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