What Is The Meaning Of Life?

the-meaning-of-lifeIt seems like this is the question every person throughout history has asked himself at one time or another.  I can remember when I was a teenager and young adult, it was common to ask someone why they were doing what they were doing.  This was especially true about people I came in contact with in my postgraduate work.  There were several students who had become career students.  They continued to take course after course and earn degree upon degree.  When I would ask why they were still in college, they would respond by saying, I am just trying to find myself.

There is an increasing drive to try and find significance in one’s existence.  People are craving answers to such questions as:

  1. What is life’s purpose?
  2. How does one become happy?
  3. How does one find inner peace?

One can search the internet about finding significance and purpose in life and he will come across all kinds of articles on the subject.  Here are just a few of the ones that I found:

  • Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life
  • 5 Ways to Find Meaning in Your Life
  • Finding Meaning in a Meaningless World
  • Finding Significance in a World of Distraction
  • Finding Purpose in Your Work

As I scanned through several of these articles, the answers were quite similar.  One was encouraged to get in What-is-the-meaningtouch with their inner self and decide for themselves what makes one unique etc.  Self-awareness was touted as being the key to finding meaning and significance.  However, even people who were giving this advice seemed to lack a meaningful answer for why they were alive on planet earth.

The drive to answer the question, What is the meaning of life?, is intensifying with each passing year.  I believe the reason why this search for significance is becoming more intense is because we have lost our design.  Let me explain what I mean my this statement.

My good friend, Pastor James McMenis, made a statement in a recent sermon that resonated with me.  He said, Purpose is revealed by Design!  In other words one designs things for a certain purpose.  Someone at one time was needing something that would help pound nails into a building.  This led that person to design the hammer.  The design of the hammer defines its purpose.  If you were trying to take a nut off of a bolt, you wouldn’t reach for a hammer because it wasn’t designed for that purpose.  You would reach for a wrench.

When I heard McMenis’ statement, I immediately tweeted the following.

Evolution denies design and, therefore, destroys purpose!

One reason why there is such a crying out for significance and meaning in life is because we have taught our children that they are the result of random chance.  They are just a product of the evolutionary process that denies any design behind our existence.  If we don’t know our design, we cannot know our purpose.

Even though man wants to deny God’s existence because of his sin nature, there was a time in our country’s history when the common belief was that man was created by God in His image.  Then God, based on man’s design, gave man his purpose.  Man’s purpose was to perform a stewardship work in part of God’s creation in a way that would give God glory.

Evolution denies all of this and leaves man searching for meaning void of the design with which he was made.  That is why so many people try to find purpose or significance in what they do rather than who they are.  However, frustration comes into one’s life when he has to admit that a career will never offer the security that personal significance does.  This point was made clear in a post by Power to Change Ministries.  In their article about finding meaning in work, the following was written.

First, work has become secularized. Prior to the 16th century, work was seen as a divine vocation, an activity through which people expressed their devotion to God. But gradually, work became a means to an end. The spiritual perspective was put aside in favor of economics. It is interesting to note that many of the clients I counsel are looking to make significant career transitions not because they want to make more money or hope to get promoted, but they want to experience greater personal fulfillment in their work.

If one cannot fiGenesis_1-27nd meaning and purpose in what they do for a living, they search for it in other meaningless ways.  Some try to find significance in adventure, others in entertainment, while others will turn to more destructive things like drugs, alcohol, sex and/or power.  Of course, the result is still the same.  None of these pursuits can provide one with a sense of true purpose or significance.

I am convinced that one of the most dangerous results that come from giving our children a secular education is the denying them of their design.  Since secular education denies the existence of God by saying He is not relevant to life, man must try and come up with another way to answer this all consuming question.  When our children’s God-intended design is denied, their purpose in life can never be revealed. Only through a biblical worldview education can a student learn their amazing design.  Once one knows his design, he can find peace in knowing the purpose for which he was designed.


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  • RIck Yost says:

    ………….and AMEN!!! You have hit THE most fundamental truth in the foundation of what we do in Christian Schools, Brother. That is the reason that secularists and progressives hold so tightly to evolution and mock us unmercifully for teaching about a creating, designing God. And their mockery is not just present, but pervasive throughout secular education, public or private.

  • Paul Turner says:

    Great post Glen. A denied design can never support a meaningful purpose. Keep it up my friend.

  • Jim Vaught says:

    Thank you for prayerfully and proactively helping define our challenges and focus our attention. Discernment is so critical in addressing the real problem rather than the symptoms.

    I’m grateful for your faithfulness and persistence. May we be as consistent in wrestling with the message of God’s design as you are in reminding us.

    If we’re not operating under His devine guidance and in His strength, the Message becomes diluted and diminished by our own frailty.

    Thank God for the Holy Spirit!

  • Mark Kennedy says:

    (Sorry but my seditious laptop chose to send my comment before I had finished it!)

    This article helps to explain a statistic that should be both alarming and confounding to many North Americans. We live in the wealthiest nations the world has ever known, in societies that are more amused and entertained than any in history, with youth that that is more ’empowered’ and entitle than ever existed anywhere. So why is suicide the number one killer of American teens? (Number 2 in Canada). Because secular education and the media offer no genuine purpose and hope for kids. And, as Glen points out so clearly, sooner or later speeding through life in the superficial lane becomes tedious and meaningless. No wonder some kids see no reason to keep on living.

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