Will We Ever Learn?

lessons-learnedLast week we looked at the phrase design reveals purpose.  This short phrase is deep with meaning.  It means that the way in which anything is designed determines its purpose.  This is especially important when it comes to man and his never ending search for significance.  Secular education and the teaching of evolution denies man’s design and destroys man’s purpose.  This leads to a sense of hopelessness as one tries to navigate through life.

But simply lacking a sense of purpose in life is not the ultimate disaster that results when a society denies the existence of God.  There is something more devastating that will eventually result from denying man’s design.  When society denies the design, it will destroy purpose which will eventually devalue human life!  This is the inescapable consequence that will result when the majority of children in any given society receives a secular education.

It doesn’t take much to see what happens when a society becomes secular as a result of its educational system.  Since God is considered totally irrelevant or non-existent, man loses any sense of purpose because he is no longer considered as being created in God’s image.  This results in man being just another part of the “cosmos”, a simple mechanistic piece of nature.  If this is the case, then man can have no more value than any other part of the “cosmos.”

Christians seem appalled when they hear about Planned Parenthood selling aborted body parts for profit.  We voice concern with the way childrenfetus are abused in ever increasing numbers or the growing sex trafficking of young girls that is taking place all across the country.  Christians mourn over senseless school massacres like Columbine and Sandy Hook.  We live with the constant threat of having to deal with another terrorist attack aimed at killing hundreds of innocent people.  The list of human atrocities that occur around the world and in our very backyards is almost impossible to comprehend.

It seems like whatever Christians try to do to stem this human carnage that increases with each passing day makes little difference.  We end up looking to the government to do something about this eroding value of human life.  We call for law enforcement and the courts to take stronger stands against crimes that humans commit on each other.

This past week many Christians rejoiced when the Senate confirmed Neil Gorsuch to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States.  It appears that Gorsuch will interpret the Constitution based on its original intent and, therefore, possibly bring the Court closer to overturning the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision that made abortion legal.  If we can only get and keep the right person in the White House and the right Supreme Court justices to be confirmed, then we can restore the sanctity of human life.

However, we continue to ignore that much of what we are witnessing is the result of giving our children a secular education that ignores or denies the existence of God.  Such an educational system teaches future generations that man is simply a product of time and chance just like any other part of nature.  Right and wrong cannot be determined based on any absolute moral values since such would require a supreme being to hand down these absolutes.  Since everything is relative, how can one argue that human life is more valuable than any other life found in nature?

What IfWhat would happen if the vast majority of children from Christian homes received a biblical education that began with the reality that God created this world with man as His image bearer?  If our children were taught that every human being had inherent worth and intrinsic value because each on was created in God’s image, would this change one’s sense of purpose?  Would  we, once again, honor the sanctity of human life if our children knew that God does exist and has a plan for each of His specially created individuals?

Secular education ignores the existence of God.   This leads to the denial of God’s design of man.  When man’s God-determined design is denied, it will result in man’s ultimate purpose being destroyed.  If man’s ultimate purpose is destroyed, human life will always be devalued.  We are living with the dreadful consequences that must come from a secular educational system forming the worldview of our children.  Will We Ever Learn?

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  • tom hudson says:

    This is excellent, Dr. Schultz. I love these and they have been very interesting and timely.

  • Richard Terhune says:

    As usual Glen always on point. Now when I get more Christian administrators and teachers on board there will be a future for Christian schools.

  • Mark Kennedy says:

    Excellent Glen. Am currently in Haiti where 60% of the kids are in Christian schools as opposed to 6% in the U.S. and between .16% and .2% in Canada. Seems to me that there’s more hope for the future in Haiti than there is for us in Canada and the U.S.

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