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baby wombA couple of months ago I was walking through a local antique shop with a good friend.  I came access some old editions of Life magazine.  As I shuffled through the pile of copies, one cover caught my eye.  The date on the cover was April 30, 1965.  What was unique about this particular copy of Life was a picture that would not have been common at that time.  It was a picture of a baby in his mother’s placenta.

It turned out that this was the first time anyone was able to capture pictures showing embryonic development of a baby.  The pictures in this 14-page article were quite breath taking.  However, it was not the pictures that surprised me but the descriptions that accompanied them.  On the cover were the following captions (emphasis mine).


Living 18-week old

I also found the following statements in the article (emphasis mine).

This is the first portrait ever made of a living embryo inside its mother’s womb.

By studying pictures like these, embryologists get a deeper and more detailed understanding of life before birth.

The birth of human life really occurs at the moment the mother’s egg cell is fertilize by one of the father’s sperm cells.baby womb 2

These statements make it clear that people at the time believed that human life began at conception.  As I read the article and observed the pictures, I asked myself what happened that changed how we determine when life begins?

While I contemplated this question, I came across another item that further sent me into a tailspin.  Attached to someone’s tweet was a picture of an old pamphlet that was published and distributed by Planned Parenthood.  This particular pamphlet was dated 1952.  This pamphlet was produced to encourage families to plan when they would have children.  It answered several questions about birth control.  In answer to the question, Is it an abortion?, the pamphlet explains:

PPH PamphletDefinitely not.  An abortion requires an operation.  It kills the life of a baby after it has begun.  It is dangerous to your life and health.  It may make you sterile so that when you want a child, you cannot have it.

Again, I found myself asking the question, What happened that has brought us to where we are now?  Today doctors look at embryonic pictures and refer to what is seen as merely a “fetus” or “tissue”.  Everyone is careful not to call what is growing in a mother’s womb as being a life or a baby.  It is now estimated that almost 56 million babies have been aborted since 1973.  This past year we were shocked to view videos showing employees of Planned Parenthood discussing the selling of aborted baby parts for profit.  Then there is the statement by Peter Singer in a 1999 interview with the Washington Times.

Killing a defective infant is not morally equivalent to killing a person.  Sometimes it is not wrong at all.

What Singer is actually saying is that a defective infant is not a person.  WOW!  We have come a long way from what was published in Life magazine in 1965 and by Planned Parenthood  in 1952.  Even though many Christians are shocked by the moral decline that these examples represent, few take the time to try and figure out how this happened.

This is just another example of the destructive consequences that result when the majority of children and youth receive a secular education.  When God is removed from education, human life is not seen as being divinely created.  Evolution becomes the only answer for explaining the origin of life.  The result is that man becomes a mechanistic part of nature and CK-Garbhas no value greater than any other part of the natural world.  The sanctity of human life disappears from society and a baby in a mother’s womb is simply seen as tissue that can be tossed in a trash can.

When I ask Christians why they keep sending their children into secular education programs, the most common answer I get goes something like this.  I attended public school and I survived and am a good Christian.  When one considers the examples  like the ones above, the question must be asked — Have we survived secular education?

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  • Mark Kennedy says:

    Every now and then we get a glimpse of how truly evil our ‘advanced and compassionate’ society is. We’re shocked at the atrocities of Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia, but then we see that in terms of cold blooded murder of the innocent, we’re not much different.
    The greater shock is when we realize the depth of our own sinful nature without Christ. How then can Christians possibly believe that an education that dismisses the Living God and His Word is neutral?

  • JIm Vaught says:

    It is all too common to comment when watching a documentary or reading a historical account, “How could a culture or society become so insensitive and indifferent to their moral responsibility.” Thank you for reminding us! It is truly frightening!

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