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education essentials 2Over the years I have had a driving passion to try and understand the purpose for education from a biblical perspective.  It has been an amazing journey and I am still challenged by this desire to comprehend God’s intention behind all education, especially as it pertains to our children and youth.

Recently I have been asking myself a very important question.  What are the fundamental essentials of true education?  If there were only certain things that our children and grandchildren could learn, what would they be?  If you were required to answer this question, what would you say make up these essentials.  Would it be reading and writing, math and science?  Maybe you would include other academic subjects and possibly even some extracurricular endeavors.

There is no doubt in my mind that much of what we believe to be essential to the education of children and youth would be seen as merely nice preferences if our children’s survival was actually at stake.  I am not saying that much of what we are currently doing when it comes to educating our children isn’t important.  However, if we can’t boil education down to some basic fundamental essentials, we may produce a generation of young adults who know a lot of facts but who won’t be able to impact their world for Christ.  Yet, if we accomplish the essentials of education, they will be equipped to think and act from a biblical worldview and that is what is of utmost importance.

I shared some of this recently at a worldview conference and someone asked me how the biblical principles found in kingdom education relate to the essentials of an education.  They said aren’t these principles the essential elements of education?  My response was that the 13 biblical principles of kingdom education form the basics of a biblical philosophy of education.  These principles provide Christians with the “how to” when it comes to educating their children and youth.  When I am talking about understanding the essentials of education, I am referring to what our children and youth need to know.

As I have been studying and praying about this question, there have been four things that have come to my mind as possible essentials of education.  I will simply present these essentials for your consideration in this week’s post.  Then over the next few weeks, I will expand on each of these essentials individually.  Here are what I believe are four basic essentials of education.  If these are not realized, could it mean that our children really haven’t been educated?

Education Essential #1    Know God

Education Essential #2   Discover God’s Call

Education Essential #3   Equip To Perform God’s Will

Education Essential #4   Glorify God In Everything

As you read this, what were your thoughts?  Please share your comments below.

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  • I amazed at how far we have fallen from the meaning of a good education. More incredibly, most Christians seem not to know that education is fallen!

  • Ed Oas says:

    True Wisdom which only comes from God’s Word and can only be received via the Holy Spirit the Truth Teacher is the only single non-negotiable in education as far as I am concerned. Your four are simply another way to say what I am saying here, so certainly there is no disagreement. This being said, there are conditions which must be met for true wisdom to be attained. Salvation in Jesus Christ by which the Holy Spirit is enabled to enter us is one over-arching prerequisite for any wisdom to be attained and it is He who convicts for sin, imparts understanding of our need and enables us to receive Christ in the first place. Academics have value when coupled with True Wisdom to equip us with skills useful for God’s service and ministry, but only when our intellect is in submission to God and we understand that all useful achievement is gifted and empowered by God alone.

  • Keith Thompson says:

    Looks like a great list! Encouraged to see the identification of God’s call on the list. Isn’t all of education geared toward knowing him and making him known? I am looking forward to the upcoming posts.

    For the Kingdom!

  • I’ve been ruminating over these fundamentals the past few days and completely agree with you.
    These four principles should be the driving force behind our educational goals.
    Well thought through Glen.

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