A New Year – A Renewed Vision

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It is hard to believe that another school year is here.  It is even more difficult to try and comprehend what the year will be like.  There is one thing for certain.  It will be different from any other one we have ever had before.

This past weekend I invited two men to meet and pray with me about what God wants to do through Kingdom Education Ministries in the days ahead.  Luke Bowers and Tim Euler, heads of two different Christian schools, have been long-time friends and are very committed to message of Kingdom Education™.

I had developed a tentative agenda for our two days together.  However, after spending a concentrated time in prayer seeking God’s direction, we went away from the agenda within minutes of starting the meeting.  Several hours later we found ourselves overwhelmed with the direction God took us.

As I reflect back on what took place, all I can think about is that, with the new year, God wanted to renew my vision for the work He had called me to.  There is no question about it.  We must enter this new school year with a greater conviction and determination to instill a biblical worldview in the hearts and minds of the next generation.  As I look to the future, I know that I need a laser focus on what specifically must be done through Kingdom Education Ministries.

The first thing that God showed us, as we sought His wisdom, was a fresh mission statement.  I believe that God has called Kingdom Education Ministries to:

RESTORE the individual, EMPOWER the home, ENGAGE the church, and TRANSFORM the school through Kingdom Education™.

Every work of God throughout history started in the lives of individual believers.  This is where we must begin to shape our hearts and minds if we are going to be successful in giving our children a biblical worldview education.  Then we must bring the home, church and school together as a unified whole that is committed to the principles of Kingdom Education™.
When we tried to envision what the end result might look like, we developed the following vision statement.

We see future generations equipped to create a kingdom culture that views life through the lens of Scripture and, thus, bring glory to God.

As we prayed through what it meant to RESTORE the individual, EMPOWER the home, ENGAGE the church, and TRANSFORM the school, God led us to define each area of the work in the following ways.

RESTORE the individual

Restoring the individual by establishing an understanding of Kingdom Education™ and a deepening of one’s knowledge of God.

EMPOWER the home

Empowering parents to fulfill their God-given mandate to provide their children with a biblical worldview education, resulting in them becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.

ENGAGE the church

Engaging church leaders to address the issue of education biblically and equip parents to fulfill their God-given mandate to educate children biblically.

TRANSFORM the school

Transforming Christian schools by challenging educators to know, understand and embrace Kingdom Education™.

I am excited to see what God is going to do during this new school year.  I am equally thrilled to have a fresh focus for Kingdom Education Ministries as we encounter some unprecedented challenges and opportunities.  With God’s presence, strength and wisdom guiding us, I believe we can see individuals restored, homes empowered, churches engaged and schools transformed for His glory.

Please pray for me and Kingdom Education Ministries as we start a new year with a renewed vision!

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  • Scott Toenges says:

    Wonderful refresh of the mission statement! Succinct yet powerful. It’s a long range vision that depends upon the Holy Spirit and the strategic work of ministry. In these challenging days we look to the Lord for guidance and wisdom.

  • Lisa Kleinmann says:

    Wow! The mission statement is both poignant and positive. Appreciate your continued leadership, Glen.

  • Rick Yost says:

    He likes to mess up our agendas, doesn’t He?………………..and it’s always to give us something better than what we are asking or planning for. These areas of emphasis, Glen, line up so well with what I see God doing. Great confirmation for many of us in school leadership. We look forward to hearing how God makes those things plain to us through your excellent writing and speaking, Brother.