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Unraveling Life

I want to continue trying to answer the question I was asked a couple of weeks ago by one of this blog’s subscribers.  He asked why is it so essential that our children be given a biblical worldview?

It is important to understand that developing a biblical worldview cannot be the ultimate end for education.  However, the ultimate end for education requires that a biblical worldview be developed.

Last week I shared how the ultimate end of education must lead the student to understand God’s purpose for why He created man in His image.  The main reason for this was that man could know God.  I agree with J.I. Packer who said,

Once you become aware that the main business you are here for is to know God, most of life’s problems will fall in place of their own accord.

A biblical worldview is the only belief system that can lead a person to know the true God.  Knowing God causes us to discover another reason why biblical worldview development must have the highest priority in a child’s education.

First, we must remember that a biblical worldview can be defined as what the Bible says is true about:

  • God
  • Creation
  • Mankind
  • Knowledge
  • Morality (right & wrong)
  • Purpose
  • Future

A biblical worldview fulfills the greatest need that every person has.  This need is the desire to find true significance.  A biblical worldview is the only worldview that gives life authentic meaning.

It begins with a knowledge of God which will in turn give meaning to all the other components of life.  For example:

  • a biblical worldview defines what it means to be human.  This provides meaningful answers to such things as the sanctity of all human life, including the life of the unborn, the gender dysphoria that is plaguing society, and the value and worth of all individuals regardless of color of skin, mental ability or economic status, etc.
  • a biblical worldview provides the only universal moral code by which society can function and survive.  No other worldview can explain why evil exists and that right and wrong are not determined by those in power but is a reflection of the very nature of God.
  •  a biblical worldview gives meaning to work.  Other worldviews view work as something to be avoided or, at best, tolerated.  A biblical worldview leads a person to see work as a vocation that is pursued so one can be a steward of some part of God’s magnificent creation for His glory.
I am sure that you can articulate some other ways that a biblical worldview gives true meaning to one’s life.  In closing, I want to share something that Dr. Albert Mohler recently stated in his January 14th The Briefing.


When the Christian biblical worldview is not the basic structure of societal thought, then the confusions between the Creator and creation and between humanity and the rest of creation become not only possible, but inevitable.

The home, church and/or school cannot strive to help the next generation develop a biblical worldview just so that our children adopt a similar perspective on life.  Parents, church leaders and educators must be committed to a higher goal of having future generations not only think but, more importantly, act from a biblical worldview.  When this happens, culture is changed because life has true significance.

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  • Tim Euler says:

    This is EXCELLENT! You cannot gain knowledge in any way without God being at the center of it. True knowledge comes from God and His Word alone. What does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul? Any educational system that does not have God and a Biblical Worldview at the center is an education lacking integrity and truth. You hit this one head on Dr. Schultz. Thankful for you.

  • Mark Kennedy says:

    Excellent, thanks Glen!

  • Jim Wing says:

    These last two posts have been thought provoking. I think you nailed it in a very concise way with your final statement. “When the Christian biblical worldview is not the basic structure of societal thought, then the confusion between the Creator and creation and between humanity and the rest of the creation become not only possible, but inevitable”. Thanks for all you do for Biblical Worldview education!

  • Kipper Tabb says:

    Great sharing Glen. May the Lord continue to grow His church through Kingdom Education Ministries 🙏.