A Very Challenging Month!

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Today is March 1, 2021.  It is hard to believe that February is over.  As I sit here writing this week’s blog, I find myself reflecting back on February as one of the most challenging times of my life.  It is hard to believe all that happened in just 28 days.

February 2021 was a month when I was immersed in some of the most intense reading that I have ever embarked upon.  I read numerous articles on such topics as Critical Race Theory (CRT), Marxist philosophy, synchronism in Christianity and the Equality Act.  At the same time I read two books by Dr. Erwin Lutzer—The Church in Babylon and We Will Not Be Silenced.  I encourage you to take the time and read these books.  I also listened intently to a couple of podcasts.  One of these podcasts, Just Thinking with Darrell Harrison and Virgil ‘Omaha’ Walker, took several times listening to it in order to really digest all their research on the principles behind Critical Theory (CT) and how it evolved into CRT.

Even though I was challenged by these things, what really burdened my heart was the time I spent in God’s Word throughout the month.  I can’t remember a month when I was in God’s Word more than I was in February.  My reading for the month started in Judges and continued through the book of Nehemiah.  The history of Israel covered in these 10 books of the Bible showed me God’s justice and His loving kindness like I have never seen it before.

I was amazed to see how God’s people continued to forsake Him over and over again.  Each time that they would turn to the false gods of the world, God would bring judgment upon them.  Then, they would cry out to Him in distress and He would deliver them from their oppression.  Finally, God allowed Israel to be taken captive by Babylon and this captivity would last for 70 long years.

It is true that the United States isn’t the same as the nation of Israel.  However, since God is immutable, He doesn’t change.  This means His person doesn’t change nor His ways.  God will judge His people (today’s church) the same way He judged Israel (His nation).  When we turn to God and obey His Word with our whole heart, He will bless us and deliver us from those who want to destroy us.  At the same time, God will bring judgement on us when we embrace the false gods of this world.

Two other things took place in February that rocked my world.  The first was what one Congressman said in an interview a few weeks ago.  This interview took place immediately following the Senate’s vote on the second impeachment of President Trump.  Representative Eric Swalwell was being interviewed by a news reporter about the vote.  I was taken back when I heard Swalwell’s response (emphasis mine).

We could have called God, herself, as a witness….

I thought that it couldn’t get worse until I watched a video clip covering the House floor debate concerning The Equality Act.  Representative Greg Steube was explaining the evil of this piece of legislation.  In his remarks, he read several passages from Scripture to illustrate how God looks at human sexuality, including gender.  After his remarks, Representative Jerry Nadler went to the microphone and made this statement (emphasis mine).

…what any religious tradition ascribes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress.

All I could do was bow my head and cry out to God—have mercy on us!  Lutzer shares his concern about our country in his book, The Church in Babylon.  He stated,

What concerns me is the death of Christian America.  Many of the biblical values upon which America was founded are no longer being allowed to shape our laws and our lives.

We better be prepared to walk through some very challenging and, maybe, dangerous times in the days to come.  Lutzer explains that,

when God judges a nation, the righteous suffer along with the wicked…There is a cost to living authentic lives of holiness in a godless culture.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be addressing some very serious and somewhat controversial topics in these weekly posts.  Whenever I speak or write, I do so with fear and trembling.  Words are powerful and they can shape culture like nothing else can.  Last week I read a post on social media.  I don’t recall the entire quote but the first half of this person’s statement caused me great alarm.

CRT provides a lens that can help us understand what the Bible says about loving our neighbor.

This person had it all backwards.  Something a human being writes should never be a lens by which we interpret God’s Word.  God’s Word is and must be the only lens that can give true meaning to any thing man writes or produces.

I learned this fact many years ago.  I had just finished producing a paper on how the relationship between the sun, moon and earth relates to God, a Christian and the world.  When I completed this, I shared it with one of my heroes in the faith, Dr. Roy Lowerie, Jr.  Dr. Lowerie reviewed it and handed it back to me.  Then, in his deep voice, he simply said, “Glen, this is good but remember only God’s Word is inspired.”

As we strive to provide future generations with a biblical worldview education, we must make sure that we use God’s Word as our lens to understand the truth about all areas of life.  Only then will we be able to do what Dr. Lutzer stated,

Like Israel in Babylon, our challenge is to impact the culture without being spiritually destroyed by it…Our task is to be faithful even if we can’t restore the erosion of the Judeo-Christian consensus.

I want to encourage every Christian school to register for this summer’s Kingdom Education Summit.  At the Summit, we will be taking a deep dive into understanding and embracing Kingdom Education™.  There is no doubt about it—education, especially schooling, is going to undergo significant challenges in the days ahead.  Christians have to know how to educate the next generation so that they will be able to survive living in Babylon.

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